How to make money with 5,000 to 10,000 naira capital

Sometimes we have the money to set up it’s just the ideas and start up we may be unable to implement. Here are some of the businesses or rather income opportunities you can enmass with 5,000 naira. Although I have made a similar update in my previous posts of some income earning opportunities you can partake in, I’d still be using them as examples in this case.

1. Start up a blog or a niche website: This is something you may have come across severally. Are you still uncertain of how this actually works? Let me explain it to you. .

Building a website or a blog is very easy these days. Gone are the days you had to look for a web designer and pay lots of money for a website. These days, you can easily access one of these website builders online. They’re not expensive, you can build your website with as low as $7 $5,… There are lots of offers and website builders out there, just simple a Google search would allow you to find them. There are lots of wonderful web builders Just look for the one that meets your criterias though they are similar in most cases, with some things they may vary e.g Cost for a domain, interface, themes, hidden fees, complaincy with monitizetion, plugins.

From the onset, you should have some info on your preferences otherwise you may pay for more than you bargained! You know we’re trying to minimize cost. We’re trying to see how we can utilize not more than 10,000naira. Furthermore lets look at how much it would cost for a start up.

An amount of $6(2532 naira) is okay to get a domain. You could even acquire for less. With this domain, your site has more visibility and accessibility as one can easily connect to your site. With names like,,, Your site has the capacity to be more visible on the web. You could even purchase more than one domain to connect to the same website which can boost your traffic. Note that the more expensive the domain is doesn’t determine it’s worth you could get the same domain cheaper on a different website. I’ve done this research myself. Although websites that may have had traffic or for one reason or the other sold off their sites could habour an expensive domain because it is very high value and has gained some traffic. All in all, a simple .com domain is okay and usually not expensive. Making a research to compare the domain prices is advisable. You would want to of course go for the ones that a cheaper but lets make sure that they are not lacking relevant plugins, ad ons that could make us miss monitizetion opportunities. At the end of the day, we’re working for the income so let’s make the most of the website/blog. Furthermore, I’ll say that these web builders still cost similar to each other. Yes! When you put the basic and premium options available, comparing the total amount spent tend to be very similar. You may save little here and there but put together they’re similar. They habour the same purposes in different designs. Some products may cover two or more features with a price while others would sell them separately with hidden fees. Altogether, building a blog or website doesn’t cost much and can be accessed for less than a ten thousand naira. With that being said, let’s carve out niches like what I’m currently done here. I talk finances, share opportunities, give advices regarding making money online and passive income. What can you think of that would make a good content? There are lots of information shareable and the world wide web is a good place to reach lots of people. Craft an idea, make it into multiple stories and let your ideas fetch you money. You could share anything interesting and relevant it could be in form of entertainment, knowledge, wise words, poetry, sports, world news. These are niches you can turn into a craft. Furthermore we would like to monitize our website/blog. Shall we?😊. There are websites that allows you to fix ads on your website and get paid for the clicks. sign up for adsterra and start to get paid.

We also have Google ads which is another way to monitize you traffic. It serves the same purpose as adsterra. Finally we also have propeller ads. From my research, I was able to find out these three ads paying websites. I couldn’t find any other one but you could make a research to find more. Rest assured they serve the same purpose and are a great way to make money off your blog. This is a link to sign up for propeller ads

With these steps you’re close to reaching financial freedom. Making money online is a beautiful a legitimate hustle. It doesn’t even cost much rather your creativity, innovation, internet access and you’re good to go.

2. Social network marketing: These platforms allows members to work mutually. You can grow your social portfolio, create tasks, complete tasks,grow your engagements.

Have you come across any website, app on the internet that gives you the leverage to carry out multiple actions under one platform? What I’m about to introduce to you is a unique model that allows you to carry out so many benefitial actions. In case you’re curious already, there are so many wonderful websites, apps that allows you to carryout lots of actions you ordinarily didn’t think you could with the internet. If you haven’t heard, let me introduce owodaily to you. owodaily is a social networking platform that allows you to complete and earn from tasks, create tasks, grow you social media audience, grow your engagements e.g likes, follows, shares, views, comments, plays, watch time, subscribers, reposts, reviews and a whole lot more. This platform has workers in form of members that would carry out these tasks.

Whatever you want to achieve can be accessed with this platform as long as it regards your social media, growing engagements and traffic. The website would do a very good job for those. if you want to access the membership(lifetime) all you have to do is pay 3,000naira. This package also allows you to blog, write articles and get paid in for your engagements.

We have the affilate marketing package available for 13,000naira. With this affilate marketing package, you can earn high commissions through sales from your affilate link. This plan is an annual plan. Why I would encourage you to go for this one alongside your membership is because it can serve as a full time job as the commission for affiliates are very high up to 2,500 naira per successful affilates. If you know you’ve got the audience to patronize these digital products why don’t you take the chance to start earning everyday. withdrawals are every Friday with a 5,000naira minimum for withdrawals. This platform is accessible to about 13 countries. You got any questions? Please ask drop them in the comment box, I’ll be sure to attend to them. Sign up with the link below 👇🏽

Sign up below now and start claiming your own income and financial freedom 👇🏽

There’s also have a social networking platform that allows you to do similar things owodaily does. It has only a one thousand(1,000) naira fee. You can buy and sell data and airtime which sets it apart from owodaily. Asides that owodaily has a wider spread of activities which can be carried out including blogging, affilate marketing. Regardless of these Hawk it has the potential to boost your social engagements, advertise your goods, sell airtime and data.

To add to this, you can also perform tasks to earn money with this platform. Sign up to advertise your goods to over 10million visitors👇🏽 Feel free to comment you questions and thoughts in the comment section.


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